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"We do what we do best,
so you can do what you do best"

You’re committed to providing the best mental care possible to those in need. That’s what you do best.

Let us handle the managing side of business, so you can continue giving top-quality mental care. That’s what we do best!

Let us help you achieve the private practice of your dreams. We want you to have every opportunity to be the best mental care provider you can be and help you reach the people that need your care the most while still being in control of your own practice.

Here are just a few ways Regain Us Therapist can help you realize the private practice you’ve always wanted.

By Assembling the Caseload

Getting clients can be a nightmare.

Getting clients that are uniquely looking for the style, type, and quality of therapy you offer is even harder.

So, how about we handle that?

We’ll not only provide you with the caseload you want (full-time, part-time, or someplace in between), but our experts also take the time to match you with compatible, well-suited clients.

That way, you get to focus on what you do best and work off your strengths.

You’ll be providing tailormade care to those that need it most.

Your clients will love it. And we think you will, too.

By Supplying the Goods

Before you start a remote, private practice online you need to build a solid foundation, brick by brick, from the ground up.

Bricks like…

The kinds of software you’re going to use.

How to handle billing and invoicing

What video streaming service is right for therapists? And how much?

These are but a small sample size of the tiny bricks you need to locate, research, and put in place.

All of that before you get your first client.

Those bricks can pile up fast.

But we want you to hit the ground running!

We have the tools, software, and resources needed to construct a private practice, already in place. All that’s missing is you.

By Connecting You to Others

One of the most valuable resources remote therapists have is other remote therapists.

Our active forums connect over 20,000 trained and licensed therapists to tell stories, give advice, and ask questions.

The support and resources available on the forums are a gold mine.

But sometimes the greatest feature of having a network like this isn’t the support and resources.

It’s the connection to others. Knowing there are thousands of other therapists facing the same challenges as you can be the spark that reveals the solution you were in search of.

By Caring About Your Health

Once you have a full caseload with us, we’ll help cover your health, dental, and vision benefits.

That way, you can get the care that’s best suited for you, not what someone else decides for you.

One thing they don’t have to spend it on (and you won’t either) is their mental health.

Why? Because when you’re with us, you’ll get your own, complementary, client account, so you can take care of both your body and mind.

What's Next?

The next step for you is to schedule a call with one of our experts and see how Regain Us Therapist can help you achieve the career and practice you want!


What Our Clients are Saying

This platform has is beneficial to so many people all over the world, and it has been my pleasure to provide counseling services to them.
Laura shepard
I am loving working through your program. This is something that I am considering increasing once I retire from my full time job.
Markus Douglas
Very professionally run website! Love being a member of your professional team.
Ronald Moesta
The experience has been superb. It has shown me that tele-therapy is the course of the future, That is why I am going to be leaving my current job in the very near future to do full-time tele-therapy!
Desire Hill
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